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Corporate culture

The importance of corporate culture to the company


The founder of The Coca-Cola Company once said: Even if all Coca-Cola factories in the world are burned down, Coca-Cola can stand up again overnight. What is the key factor in determining success or failure? Is it system, people, industry, language, or what? In fact, the decisive significance is culture.  

Comparing Chinese private enterprises with international companies such as Coca-ColaWhat is missing is a mature and healthy corporate culture. Culture is the soul and the driving force for survival and development. The Coca-Cola Company was able to stand up again after being destroyed because of its strong corporate culture. It can be seen that corporate culture is a powerful "primary power" for the survival and development of a company.

Three important functions of corporate culture  

First, the driving force.  

Corporate culture is the driving force for the survival and development of an enterprise, which is based on the driving force of the dominant culture. Comrade Hu Jintao once pointed out: "Only by continuously developing and prospering socialist culture can the people's growing spiritual and cultural needs be continuously met, and can they provide strong spiritual motivation and intellectual support for the development of productive forces..."; Remember our language, keep our language, and we will not perish..." All these prove the driving force of the dominant culture.

Second, maintenance.  

Culture’s ability to maintain institutions or organizations is actually a basic function of dominant culture. Confucian culture is used as an auxiliary tool for feudal rule; Catholicism is used as an auxiliary tool for the rule of the British, American, and other countries; Buddhism is an Indian country An auxiliary tool for the rule of the regime; Islam is an auxiliary tool for the rule of the Arab regime.

Third, cohesion.  

Culture is co-created, and it is also the experience and identification of common values, that is, the common will. Everyone is the master. This makes the members of the organization change their position in thought and are forced to obey Become a participant, a partner, from me and him to us, in fact, from a psychological analysis, everyone has a natural resistance to control, no one wants to be controlled, everyone wants to control others , And the culture just does it so that all members of the organization feel that they are doing one thing together at their own will, and it is common, that everyone is doing one thing together, so everyone not only needs to take the initiative but also need to help each other.