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What should I do if the goods are detained by the customs during international logistics customs clearance?

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1. Contact the customs broker in time: After the goods are detained, the customs will usually issue a notice. It is necessary to carefully read the contents of the notice, pay attention to where the problem is, and notify the customs broker in time.

2. Respond to the customs accurately and provide sufficient evidence: The customs will give a certain time to prepare the documents to be provided after the notification is issued.You must read these clearly and reply within the time specified in the notice. If you want to reply to the letter to the customs, you must, with the cooperation of the customs broker, send the information to the customs through the customs broker.

3. Because the declared value of the goods is too low, the goods will be deducted from the customs after paying the customs duties. For goods with incomplete procedures, such as personal imports, the customs requires the right to import, and find a company with the right to deduct customs clearance. If relevant certification procedures are required, make up as soon as possible and provide it as soon as possible, but if it cannot be provided, customs clearance will be done. You can apply to the customs for the return of the goods. According to international practice, the goods that cannot be cleared can be returned to the place of delivery or a third-party trading port


1. In order to avoid the passive situation and loss of goods after deduction, it is necessary to understand the customs requirements of the destination port before shipment, do sufficient inspection and preparation work to ensure that the goods meet the import requirements, and reduce as much as possible The probability of being deducted, to avoid losses to the greatest extent.

2. If the customs releases the goods, the goods will be transported smoothly to the place of the importer. If the customs decides to destroy the goods, the goods will be directly destroyed.

3. If the customs decides to return the goods, it will also need to pay the freight and the import fee of China Customs.

4. For export goods, after the customs accepts the declaration of export goods, reviews the electronic data declaration form and paper declaration form and the accompanying documents, inspects the goods and levies taxes and fees, or accepts the ancestral insurance, the customs shall treat the toilet goods Make the decision to end the customs entry and exit on-site supervision, sign the export goods loading voucher and stamp the customs release seal, and the consignee or consignor of the import and export goods or their agent can sign the export loading voucher, and then the export goods can be shipped to the transportation. Departure on tools.